Be A Tree, rough initial demo of first verse and chorus

by @jew @tcelliott

Liner Notes

@tcelliot penned these lyrics and I came up with some chords and a tune. this is only the beginning of the song, I still need to work out transitions between sections for the rest of the lyrics and polish up some of the chord voicings but I was excited to post this initial little vocal and midi piano demo. First ever FAWM or 50/90 collab!


We all start as a seed
Need nurturing to feed the dream
Sunlight and water to make us grow
Constant progress even if it's slow

Stand tall, stand proud
Sink your roots in the earth
Be a tree
Reach up, reach out
Never doubt your worth
Be a tree

by @tcelliott, rest of the lyrics are here:


I like it...keep going...Lyrics are great as is the music.


great opening,,,tons of potential there.