Paths We Take

by @standup

Liner Notes

Started with the bass line, which I rarely do. Then some "ambient" guitar tracks. Then, oh, I need a vocal. So I wrote something a little vague and quick.
#ambient #ambient-guitar #space_rock


A floating nervous state of mind
As we wait for our time
The waves wash in
Where to begin
They leave us high and dry

The paths we take
The lines we break
All those we left behind
We all are saints
In a state of grace
We’re waiting for our time

Uncertain what’s to come
Only certain what’s undone

We dream we hope
We climb the rope

An anxious wait
A heavy freight


My favorite so far... love the dreamy lyrics and guitars! I was surprised to learn you usually don't start with the bassline.


I love this kind of dreamy guitar and the way you sing. You got such a warm voice - loved to listen.


love those shimering guitars. lyrics are terse and forceful, while your vocals are light and tender. has the feeling of bathing in gorgeous sound.


This reminds me of one you did a couple years ago, called Black River, I think. Cavernous, wet sounds and related imagery. There's lots to sink into here. I like the chord choices, the harmonies, the string and chord bends. The lyrics are a little vague as a story, but do convey a feeling.