The Noise

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I have spent today turning an old #shaggy_dog story into #ukulele based #nerd_folk. You've got to have a hobby I suppose. #fuc

The 2000 character limit on the lyrics means that you can't read ahead to see what happens in the end. I guess you'll just have to listen to the end...

I was going to do a bigger production here, but, truth be told, I couldn't be bothered. Maybe some other time!

(Edit: by a happy coincidence, this week's song theme on the Ukulele Underground forum is Story Songs, so I took the opportunity to update it with a better production and tweaked lyrics.)


He was caught in a storm, his car broken down,
On a small country road so many miles from town,
Spotted a monastery, in the fading light,
Asked them for help and a bed for the night

The monks were kind and the monks let him stay
They even fixed his car to help him on his way
But while he tried to sleep there was a beautiful noise
Like a choir of angels with their heavenly voice

He tossed and turned to resist the siren's cry
And in the morning as he waved the monks goodbye he asked
"What was that noise that I heard from my bunk?"
They said "We cannot tell you because you are not a monk"

As the weeks went by the noise never left his head
And one day he drove by the monastery again
Desperate to learn, he had to understand
What could make such a glorious sound

He dropped to the floor to beg and plead
Imploring the monks to put his mind at ease
He said "I've got to know, it's been in my head for months",
They said "We cannot tell you because you are not a monk"

He knew the only thing that could put his mind at rest
Was to dedicate his life to become a monk himself
He went to the abbot, to be ordained
This is what the abbot explained

"You must travel the world, count every grain of sand,
Every blade of grass in every land
When you are enlightened, when this challenge has been won,
Bring us the answers then you will become a monk"

For decades thereafter he set about his quest,
Searching the east, scouring the west
And hair turning grey it was time to return
To give the answer they wanted to learn

He said, "I travelled the earth fulfilling your task,
but only God can know what you ask"
They said "Congratluations, your initiation done,
You may learn the secrets of the sound, for you are now a monk"

They led him to a door of diamond and gold
The sound grew louder, he shivered in the cold
With trembling hands, he turned the key,
His life's wish granted, he dropped to his knees

He gazed in wonder as he realised what...

Very good! Having the ending unseen turned out to be a feature rather than a bug.

you are such a good storyteller. i have really been enjoying these tradition-soaked ballads, and find nothing at all nerdy about them. note.....there is a 2000 limit on lyrics, but you can paste the excess lyrics into your liner notes.