by @standup

Liner Notes

Getting started. I had a really dark lyric about how awful the world was, but it didn't go with this music I was making up. So I switched gears and wrote about something. Something else. What is it? Even I do not know.


Don't know where it came from
don't know where it's been
we weren't sure
if we should let it in

People asked us later
what did you decide
we never made the call
just went along for the ride

We had to call it something
it had to have a name
if you can't talk about it
how can you explain

It was too late
too late to change our minds
now it's here and it's part
it's part of our lives

not sure what it is
or where it belongs.
Now it's here, too late
for right and wrong


So being born and raised in Stephen King Land, when I saw It, that's what I was thinking of, but this doesn't appear to be the movie challenge lol. I love how open and valid this is to interpretation. Could be fitting for current times as well as horror movies. Nice work!


This hints at the indefinable angst many of us feel when life changes and you can't quite put your finger on what's different. It's just different. Nice job. Thank you for your comments on Damn, Damn, Damn (A Love Song.) Yes, it is wonderful to be married to exactly the right person! 😀


chilling to that groove - deep and soulful! feels. the mix is a joy to listen to - vocal production sounds relaxed and restrained - good space. it sounds like a live band - lovely guitar playing and sound - the lead and rhythm dancing around each other. awesome!


A creative mystery. It came out well how the lyrics and music interplay.


yessss the guitars on this track are somehow eerie & laidback at the same time! i really dig this! 😄


Great choppy guitars and stabs of smooth riffs. I like this type of music...ear candy!


This takes me back to a few of my favorite indie rock records but here it sounds fresh again, which I appreciate. I'll spare you any comparisons as you have a thing going here that's all yours, but it's a style that puts me at ease and honestly feels good. The guitars and the live rhythm section hold it down all the way through. I love the open chords, the unpretentious rock riffs (all of em!), the snare tone, and the clever concept.


Really liked the "it" vagueness of the lyrics, and your playing gives a great vibe. And what everyone else has said! Great start.


I still think you have kidnapped Tom Verlaine! Love this particularly the guitar ringing in! i didnt care what it was about - i just enjoyed it!


Great start, Eric! So good to hear your guitars and your voice on a new song! And I like the indecisiveness of the lyrics.


Really digging the guitar parts and how they play off each other. Great spacey elements. The chorus section has a strong energy - the drums switching up the rhythm sounds 👏


i am generally against interptation.but some songs are open to interpretation, and this song is one of them.


Wonderfully mysterious and moody, that lyric and the music fits so well- with some surprising chord twists and turns. Love that spooky arrangement that lets that existential-themed vocal be up front but with all those bendy parts bubbling up from every strange corner.