Black Heart

by @kim_otcj

Liner Notes

One last one. I actually recorded this on the 18th of September, but I'm trying to stick to a regular schedule on Youtube, so it won't go public until the 4th of October. It's one more song for my rockabilly album, which brings me to a total of 12.


It's like you're closed to everything
I never see you smile or sing
And no one ever gets too close
They know your heart is tarnished more than most

You wear your black heart on your sleeve
And that's why everybody leaves
One day your frozen heart may thaw
And on that day, you will want more

You say you don't like anyone
But one day you will come undone

There is a cure for a blackened heart
And old man time is a master of the art
So rest assured that you can live again
No heart's so black that it can't beat again


Maaaan...for some reason I thought you had retired or something. Then again, it's obvious I've been missing the KOTCJ bus A LOT. Great little rocker you have here, sir. I thought it was going to be a bit more dour by the title and the initial visuals, but nope, not that at all. Solid work as always remembered!


Very cool. Violin bass is always a welcome sight. LOVE the black heart on your sleeve line and the lead guitar work. Nice video too. Cheers.




A very solid rock song, excellent playing and arrangement, very enjoyable to listen to. The lyrics are very good, I like 'you wear your black heart on you sleeve' line in particular.