by @improvyssey

Liner Notes

Today's improv embodies a feeling, or maybe a type of action, or maybe the thoughts you have when you daydream about putting a tack on your teacher's chair, or maybe a state of denial about the spider living in your apartment. Or maybe all of those at once.

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The piece doesn't necessarily inspire me to be mischievous, but if I had to think of something it would definitely get me into trouble. This is a wonderful excursion into the world of music.


Love the tune and I have a similar broken down book shelf…all the book knowledge just breaks wooden shelves down after a while lol

Really gorgeous and mischievous piece. Not sure what you call it on piano but this sweep lines are really cool.


Such a nice listen! My head kept spinning up ideas all along. Feels like the soundtrack of a Steven Spielberg movie scene where we are introduced to the youth protagonists' peaceful 1980s suburban street. Or the ending of a romantic movie where we admire the lakeside view, with the main characters kissing on the beach, while the camera zooms up and out into the end credits. 👍