It's a great green world [FT]

by @timfatchen

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Written in rage after a multimillionaire in Sydney driving his top of the line Tesla was recharging it at the FREE charging point and saying critical things about peons like me driving an 18 y.o. car and having to pay for petrol. The song isn't quite a paraphrase of his comments (published) but is easily translated. It's all quite true re the taxes etc. As I'm not going to get the song set I'm throwing it in at the last minute so I don't lose it.


Words & Music Copyright © 2022 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved

I'm a rich man, got my electric SUV
And I'm getting richer, 'cos they let me charge it free,
And what's more, I don't pay petrol tax;
So I don't pay for roads I drive, and them's the facts!
I'm a rich man pow'red by renew'ble energy!
It's a great green world when you're rich like me!

Yes I know that the power isn't really free...
It's just that I'm rich, so it's free to me!
And those who can't afford to buy a 'lectric car,
Well, they probably deserve to be where they are.
I bet their house it doesn't have a Tesla batteree,
But it's a great green world when you're rich like me!

I think it's great that they subsidise me
By giving me my roads and power all free
("They" being others who pay the petrol tax
And drive their petrol clunkers 'coz they're lax).
If their morals were up to it, they'd be rich too,
But they're not, so they're poor, and worthless through and through.

And that's why governments give ME the subsidy!
It's a great green world when you're rich like me!


I was singing this in my head to the accompaniment of a virtual Banjo Ukulele! It would be the prefect instrument for this!


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