by @outinpublicdrummer

Liner Notes

#ambient #dark #soundscape #onesynth

I had this Titular generated title alongside "Begin Me to Fall" and couldn't pass up the chance to use something so ominous. This was started at around 9pm tonight and was originally going to be a one track song. Bass and pads were added, but only to the second half. The only effects added are for mastering, everything else is raw audio.

I've also been mastering my all-MicroFreak tracks and decided on releasing them as a demo (including this one). The goal is to chronicle an emotional journey while also showcasing what I've learned about synthesis and sound design. This sits somewhere near the end of the track list, intended to express the rush of uncertainty and relief after letting someone/something go.

If you're reading this. congrats on making it to the end of 50/90! We did it! :)


Very cool. Really dig the sound design. Everything sounds great I love the way the rhythms and melody dance around one another. Very evocative


This is very dark and haunting. I had to stop and look. Creating a little album about sounddesign is a cool idea.


Yup like to try to say something different to others, but it oozes ominous, look over the shoulder piece! Very nice


Ominous beginning... definitely portends something serious.
Then there is some melodic hope in the darkness, but beneath that is that darkening drone that eventually seems to stifle the hope and bring it into line with the darker cadences.

Very atmospheric piece indeed.


oooo. I like this. Simple and haunting. I feel like I want this to be the soundtrack to a programming or hacking documentary.