Let Go

by @chariotbaldwin

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Possibly very triggering lyric - apologies

This is a bit dark, capturing the temptous moment of suicide and then trying to talk them out of it (I've had a few friends deal with this topic this year)

It needs a LOT more work and thoughts behind it as the angel part is a bit lecturey.

I do want to keep it about "that" moment, because as much as it's very painful for those left behind, those who are considering ending their life are in phenomenal pain too.

Think of it as the Angel/Devil on My Shoulder moment.



Devil on Your Shoulder
Let go of everything
Let yourself fall hard
Break your bones on the concrete
Forever stop your heart

Let go of everything
Let yourself be free
There's a reason for everything
Maybe its time to bleed?

Angel on your Shoulder

But before you take that step
think about those left behind
they will have to carry on
without you in their lives

Even though they might not show it
or maybe they do
their hearts will be shattered
without a world with you


Typo fixed with out —> without


I like the lyrical concept; one question about the last line-- is the word 'out' in the wrong spot?