Sights On

by @brownium @jamkar @standup

Liner Notes

Video collab between @jamkar @standup and me

Standup created the original track, Jamkar added vox and piano, I did bass and video


8 bar intro

V - I dropped my toothbrush in a suitcase
Looked at the time
It was a quarter of six
Outside the rain was a total mess
Weather channel blowing in my ear
Airport lines are pushing back
But the planes are flying
So let’s get away

C - Cause I have sights on
Some sunlit sand
And ocean breezes
A little corner of nowhere
Just enough for the two of us

V - I can taste that salty air
But this margarita
Just won’t get me there
No I won’t be happy
Till touchdown
Near deep blue waters
And tropical surround sound
I can see the fish flying
I hear the birds chattering
Island children all laughing
Flowered aromas lifting us up


Beach fire crackle at sundown
And every kind of food
To be found
Sleeping late
Mimosas for lunch
Then out in the surf
Like meandering vines
Endless days of
Summer fun
Feel that breeze coming in
See the clouds of distant dreams
Let’s keep it going
Let’s chase the sun

Instrumental outro


Love this, it's a great video and a solid collaboration!


Very cool, all! This grooves


What a fun collab. Very easy to visualize that beach environment and the pull it has on all of us. Fun to see the video, too.


Big thanks to everyone for sticking it out. Well done!


So glad we got this done!


You wouldn't realize from listening that you were in three different states creating this song! Nice work everyone.