Made It!

by @metalfoot

Liner Notes

It's #reallyshort, and #acapella. And silly. But thanks for listening! See you at Rocktober and/or back at FAWM! I'll be here off-and-on listening till they shut us down.


It's been a strange year for me
But I made it through, you see
Here's to the end of 50/90!


Such a fun short little meta ditty. Love the acappella layered parts. I like how the lyric is sort of understated and rhythmic that it melds into the track as a whole instead of popping out like a lead vocal would. A great 13 seconds. ;)


I love short and silly, and this has a nice sound too.


Like it talk about cliff hanger! Lovely harmonies


It is short but has a cool sound. Congratulations on making 50!


Congrats to you! Something almost sounds like a kazoo in there, which is fun. You've got a knack for these acapella songs - hope to hear more of them in the future. It might be short but I imagine in took some work.


Congratulations Alex. You made it work.