by @musicsongwriter

Liner Notes

SuperSkirmish L

DATE/TIME: October 1 - 6pm EDT (5pm CDT, 3pm PDT, 11pm BST, Oct. 2: 12am CEST)


TAGS: #superskirmish, #songskirmish, #ss09xx21x, #feast, #chaos #collaborations_welcome

HOST: @tjeff

A little story: sometimes we have to make a decision but it is so hard to make that all we feel is chaos of life. We are confused, sad, desperate, not sure what to do but the decision has to be made...


There is a bit of sadness to this one that I like, identify with, and kind of fills out the idea of chaos in a little different way than the other entries. Great job, Nadia.


A little Debussy/Ravel-esque perhaps? I really like that minor to major thing at the beginning. I love the transition to that sort of jazzy part - and the melody that comes out of that adds a bit of hope out of the chaos. Well-done!!


Lovely occasionally a little chaotic. Especially the unusual (to me) chord progression. Very interesting.


Very pretty. I like the chromatic changes a little further in. Nice dynamics, a push and then falling back in intensity,


Interesting how quite a romantic melody appears out of the dark, chaotic beginning, but then seems to run out of romance and descend back into darkness, only to emerge again. Order alternating with chaos is the cosmic way, it seems.

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