random last song

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

just wanted to make one last track.
not much...just finger-drumming a slight new jack swing beat, chopping up a few vocal samples, and...yeah thats about it.
I had some awesome collabs with some awesome people this 50/90, even though I wasn't as productive with my own stuff. But I think the connections I made and the resulting music is worth more than any solo track I could ever make.


This is a joyous good time, loved the climactic vocal at the end - and the drum beat is so catchy and enjoyable in it's stop-startiness.


Random comment on random last song! This is way cool! One you think you know but know its new! With a few lines this would slip on many an album to rave reviews! Great finish my friend!


Nice to hear all those voices. Very positive, a good last song.


Something about this last track that makes me think this is one of my favorites of yours from this summer. That’s a high bar considering the great stuff you’ve posted. This is fun and has a humorous edge to it with the particular vocal samples you’ve used and the placement of the same. It’s groove’n.

Glad you had so many fun collaborations. You bring the goods!