I'm in love with someone

by @roddy

Liner Notes

I grew up in a house with the radio on all the time and playing mostly rather cheesy songs from old musicals and movies. Here's my version of one.
#love #love song #romantic


I’m in love with someone

We can always talk about anything
Anything we choose to

I’d like to talk about something
Something I know is true

I’m thinking about someone
Do you know them? Yes you do

I’m in love with someone
And that someone is you


I really appreciate your delicate piano playing - which is not easy to do on a percussive instrument! It is just the right style for your gentle gorgeous vocals. This is just so beautiful - the swell of the piano as your vocals intensify a bit, and then you pull back - wow I love it. I listened 3 times. It is such an intimate and authentic performance - really moving. Well done!