by @kiffa

Liner Notes

Life got a little crazy this summer (read the update in my profile for details) and kind of derailed my first 50/90. I had a few song ideas, but every time I tried to flesh them out, lyric-writing proved near impossible. However, in the last few days, a new tune occupied my mind, and I sat down to work on it in Online Sequencer. It was more or less finished in a few days (save some cosmetic adjustments), and then I spent almost all of October trying to figure out what to name it. It now has a name, just in time for the 50/90 site to go offline lol. C'est la vie.

Hope you enjoy it. #synthpop #instrumental #electronic


some intermediate techniques here re the harmonies and the pleasent combining sounds. on the first listen i hear some great developing melodies and complimentary sounds. its well composed and i like those drum sounds too. like the old school windows sounds with the xylophone too if im right in saying so ? that growling noise was pretty sweet too. you can get some nice sounds from this it seems and its not jarring or complicated enough to be disruptive in its flow. everything seems to work together so well. when you make your tracks what are you envisioning in your head ? have you got a few patterns remembered that work together well that you naturally drift towards ? its great that people here are able to make such good polished work even for unfinished pieces its incredible what minds here on the site can put together under these challenges. so great variations especially these stabs that are coming in now, it has like an orchestal sounds layered with something else but i cant tell. was that a jet ? it still works well even with that too, with a jet noise being quite harsh and piercing normally through a track. looks like ive reached the loop because its gone back the looping intro with the 4 bars and has ceased. i must say its hard for me to commit to listen to something again as anxiety is a common thing for me with some reptition, its definitely a good track im just weak in repeating things and you could say i need variation. its not way saying its not good, im not a fan of repeating things over and over when theres so much complexity to a track that it stunts my concentration. great track, sorry i couldnt stay for the loops. but keep this up because you clearly have a knack and ability to get this kinda thing going musically wise and also knowledge wise. im impressed! nice one!