by @deylavey

Liner Notes

Wrote this for the July Buck Supermoon challenge.
I haven’t figured out the best way to convert to mp3 is so my files won’t imbed, you may have to copy and paste the link.

Thanks for listening!

#supermoon #fullmoon #challenge #fullmoonchallenge


They say it makes people crazy
But I’m crazy every day
Maybe the fact that you’re near
Just makes me this way

They only see you sometimes,
On nights like this
But I know all of you
Even in the darkness

You’re the moon,
Your gravity, it pulls
Every fiber of my being,
Like I’m made of the sea

That’s what you do to me


I like the lyrics. A very nice take on the Supermoon challenge. Lovely vocals and melodies. I enjoyed the listen!


Lovely song that touches on the deep influence of lunar cycles on our lives. Great vocals, too.

If you're on a mac, Audacity (free audio software) should open m4a files so you can export them as mp3s. If you're running Windows, you'll need to install an extension library for it called FFmpeg first. And welcome to Fifty/Ninety! Have fun!


Nice jazzy sound! Pulling at you like you're made of the sea - and even in the darkness you know all of it/him/her. Nice lines.


@resonut123 thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed


@billwhite51 thank you! I’ll try it out!

@kahlo2013 also thank you! I just realized I’d forgotten to add “supercontent”. That might’ve been my error


I listened to your Dropbox link.
I'm a sucker for lunar songs.
I especially like the last verse and your nice vocal delivery over the plinking piano.
A nice succinct piece.


To make the link - manually delete the ?dl=0 at the end of the file and add “dl” and “usercontent” like this

You can paste that as your demo link and it will open directly to play on site.