Love is a Gun

by @standup

Liner Notes

I started with the man of steel / tin soldier comparison and went from there.

#basic-rock #rock


You found yourself
A special guy
But a couple things about him
Don’t seem right
He’s a real tough cookie
But no iron man
He can barely pull the trigger
With his tiny hands

you say you got a man
A man of steel
But let me tell you
He just ain’t real
He’s just a tin soldier
No weight upon his shoulder
All his strength in the eye of the beholder

He knows the drill
He knows the thrill
Every day he got to take
A couple of pills
You got a tough guy
Knows all the answers
He considers himself
A very good dancer

He says his love
Is a gun
That’s the only way
He has fun
When he marches
He stumbles over
All you nameless
Little poser


Love that thick lead guitar and retro organ! Great put-downs in the lyrics as well.


Ooof. This is a real take down! Great Neil Young vibe to it, and I suspect Neil would approve of some of the invective. Nice work!


Terrific lyric and excellent title. Nice vocals and music too.


This is awesome! Scathing lyrics set to one fine delivery of solid rock. Really great song!


Love the title - can see some different meanings in that. I may have to write one. This one is way cool! But the title isn’t mentioned in the chorus so I thought the title was Man of Steel.


the humorous put down of a rival reminds me of early elvis costello and maybe a touch of the talking heads.. i like how you get more poppy in the chorus. guitar tone is awesome.