FIEND (UPDATED, now with more talent!!!)

by @nahlej381 @djtjb @splittybooms

Liner Notes

just wanted to get something out there today. hope you enjoy it, it was fun to put down. also excited i got the mitch hedberg bit of homage in there...

SOOOO...travis and splitty sent me some stuff that completely evolved this tune. so here is the 2nd take of this bad boy. my ears were so dead by the time i got to mixing this so i'm sure i'll have to do some further tweaking down the road, but i'm excited to share this out.

Keys/Production: Splittybooms
Keys/Production: DJTJB
Guitar/Bass/Vox: Nahlej



Roll one up and burn it down
Find a homie smoke him out
Pinch the mic cable let it go
Watch a buncha rhymes come out
Weapon of mass self destruction every time I open up my mouth look out rap cookout and no one bringing beef funky fresh Ill and def shit is lit like a candle on the beat I’m a vandal outta pocket and off the handle like my default is dismantle you can pray at this mantle I spit actual fractals that shatter glass assholes southpaw lookin for his North Star whack rappers can choke on their triplets I eat em up like sixlets how man licks to hit the center of this bullshit? Zero! Hit this and and hold it game recognize game you’ll know when you know it

Cry me a river I got a paddle boat I’m trying hard, ringo, to be the shepherd but my mind wanders and my head hurts
Rhymes so cool you might need a sweatshirt hands up heads down nobody gets hurt no heroes or your day will get worse call me what you like I’ve said worse like my whole life is a 4 letter word
Reach for the sky
Try and pull me back down

Might be the blunt
Or it might be my ego
I need the beat like a fiend needs the needle
beat detox, am i gonna stop? HA! i don't think so

Snoochy boochies Pass the bleu cheese I mean the weed im in need of a new crew chief we comin in the night, thief, stole my heart now I must destroy you I implore you to realize that I adore you I’ll adorn you with rare metals and jewels, maybe I can fix your life, I’ve been called a tool? Tom foolery! how are you so much cooler than me? I spent a whole verse destroying whack rappers and you got me wrapped around ya little finger we face the whole world shoot em 4 middle fingers burn, dis, what a zinger i don’t pack heat I spit freezer, old school cool, a rap geezer, dapper Dan rapper with a farmer’s tan why am I so alarmist, man, all I do is try my darndest damn


Probably my favorite thing I've heard on 50/90 so far this year. This song is such a delight on every level.


"Cry me a river I got a paddle boat" lol and that is just ONE genius line on this masterpiece. Everything about the chorus is amazing. Well done guys!!


oooh nice groove. great balance of chill and energy. sounds fantastic. great collab all of you


This may well be the first rap song I've ever loved. It was masterfully delivered with well-chosen words and a solid beat. This was great!

Well done all round!


Awwww, sounds like you were having so much fun. I mean, I can literally hear you smiling 😂. Consequently it’s a joy to listen to. I’m beaming. You’re crazy good dude!


Great sound 💯


Hot damn brother!! Some of your best lyrics to yet and such a great pre chorus/chorus combo!! Might as well be telling me to step my damn game up! Friggin solid bud!


This is a really cool song. I love the groove you've created, it drew me in right away, your vocals and delivery of the lyrics are perfection. Your lyrics are fun but also smart, "Rhymes so cool you might need a sweatshirt" made me smile and I appreciate your wit. Everything feels off the cuff but crazy smart, I can hear the Mitch Hedberg influence. Nice work!


Love it. Cool as can be.


Brilliant lyrics set to a mellow, beachy background and delivered with so much satisfying attitude. Reminds me of growing up in California in the 90s. Really really great!


Dope. Just rolls along lovely. Something a little bit aggressive Beck feels to me, which is very cool and makes meeee happy anyway lol. I like the meandering feel. Overall very cool. Good work my friend.


i like it when you mutate pronunciation to do things like making ego rhyme with needle. hearing your words is always a joyride.


Actually I think it stands without any extras. It’s like a B side track. I, personally, love B sides. Smooth flow with a little AT in there? I like how your vocals are front n’ center. I didn’t hear Mitch, though. 2nd listen coming up!


You got the skills man! I like your beats and your flow. Super vibey guitars in here. The lyrics section is always too small for the wordsmithery you do.
" rappers can choke on their triplets" - Just made my day!


@djtjb @splittybooms i feel like this is missing something, you guys wanna send me some salt n pepper? no worries if not.