For the Punch

by @nahlej381 @djtjb @gm7 @megamind @splittybooms

Liner Notes

DJTJB: drum programming/keys/samples/production
Gm7: Guitars
Splittybooms: keys/samples
Nahlej: Mix/production


Dang, y'all...that bass is super grimy and piercing. And all of the other ingredients melding in, making this a pretty expansive listen in the headphones. I hear signature elements from my producer homies: *CTS tips his hat to ya! And the ever-reliable guitar samurai-like precision from are the ace in the place, sir. Nice work, gents.


Dirty bass. This. Is. Sick. Deserves a spot in VGM like Cyberpunk.


This is a really great rokker here.
Nice headphone mix.
Yeah, this is certainly waking me up this morning.
Haha good ending!


Oozes class and cool. That dominant bass is HUGE. Love how high it is in the mix - it's definitely the lead instrument. Also loving Garry's spiky guitars when they come in, they really cut through. Samples are well chosen and hit the spot. And the arrangement just gets bigger and mightier as the track evolves. Love how much reverb there is by the end, like being in a cave. You guys are such a stupidly great collective...


That's made for a spy movie. The deep bass is super cool with the guitar and the heavy beat.