Wings on Wax

by @nahlej381 @cts @djtjb @gm7 @megamind @splittybooms

Liner Notes

this was started a while back and i found it in my projects folder. i think i still messed up some of splitty's parts but here's a mix of it.

DJTJB: keys/production
Nahlej: bass/guitars/production
Gm7: Guitars
SplittyBooms: keys/production
CTS: keys


Thoroughly enjoyed that… Wonderful vibe. Some cool stuff happening with the various keyboard parts and other instruments but mostly I was just daydreaming as I was listening. I got lost in it…


Feels like mix of psychedelic and ambient. Kind of dreamy and strange. Easy to lose myself in the sounds. The little bug buzzing was cool. I enjoyed it.


Chillaxation. Just listen and sit back, lovely sounds blending together, and it is a track with a lot going on which makes you want to come back and listen again.


Sitting in the airport lounge, this made me start to breathe in and out and relax. It feels so comfortable. I love the Wings on Wax title - makes me think of Icarus and Waxwings and Surfboard Wax and Turtle Wax....But back to breathing before flying.


When are you going to announce the Megamind World Tour dates? I'm there, front row, when you do. I also want merch. Anyway, this is gorgeous, love those keys - all the keys - and the little insect buzzing synth sounds. The bass and drums provide such a solid bass for all the rest to just do their things. Also, Wings on Wax is a fabulous title....


Oh the things we find in our projects folder - lol! This is so cool - love the rhythm.


Smooth as always. I enjoy the bass line and chorus guitars a lot. but all sounds work together so well!