Fields of Heather

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

I'm never going to think bad about moms who post their children on social media again. Yesterday Lisas mom posted her 4 year old daughter proudly pushing her own pram on their way to the city center. One hour later Lisa got killed by a Russian Kalibr Missile. This really broke my heart.
Russian attacks are, if not indiscriminate and desperate, aimed at scools, city malls, universities and hospitals.
I also saw a picture of her and her mom in a heather field holding small heather bouquets, in which I found inspiration in this song.

Don't pray for her or her mom, donate in stead.


I watch you dance in the fields of heather
And fall in love with the purple sea
I see you laugh like life is a tickling feather
Snapshot to my heart, a memory

All things must pass
We know that nothings gonna last
The random harvest took you away
Now you’re an angel
With a heather bouquet

I watch you stroll down the
Main Street of the city
In your blue dress, you are a princess
Oh my I must say you are pretty
And you sease the day
never a sad thought in your mind
So bright and gay
Guess you have found
A spot of happiness

Everywhere you go

Now you’re on your way
With your heather bouquet


Wow- love the endings dbl meaning. You really translated the picture well in words.


your liner notes are very moving and thought provoking. i dont think i will make fun of mothers posting family photos anymore either.