I’m So Sick Of Waiting For You

by @alyssacrouzetpascal

Liner Notes

#indie_rock #emo #acoustic #alternative_rock #indie #singer_songwriter #girl_with_guitar


i want to tell you off
but i know you’d just blow up
and then things would go to shit again
you’d say i’m making you feel like a bad person for being mentally ill.
as though that’s an excuse for the fact you break all your promises
and never even apologize.
and you make me out to be the bad one for calling you out

cause for christ’s sake it’s been two fucking years since i’ve seen your face.
though now you live in another state, you’re still only about an hour away.
you say you love me, so how come you can’t even make a fucking second for me


hey, this has loads of potential I'm gutted the recording quality is so poor. I really hope you can work on it as I was really liking what I could hear!