Middle of Space

by @pianoonthepatio @splittybooms

Liner Notes

Our last collaboration was back in FAWM. We've both been looking forward to do it again! Inspired by indietronic and chillwave.

story, vocals, composition, production @pianoonthepatio
composition, production, mix, master @splittybooms

[ Keywords ]
airport, space, cozy, radio, terminal , departure, arrival

[ Inspo ]

airport / plane radio

the PA at the airport

the liner notes to @splittybooms 's 50/90 song, 'Oh'

"airports are the both the saddest and happiest places"

Ref tracks :
Sundara by ODESZA
Divinity by Porter Robinson
Flicker by Porter Robinson
Fresh Static Snow by Porter Robinson

[ Story ]
One is a pilot-in-training for a rocket ship. The other is a grounded, regular citizen. They meet in the middle.

#electronic #indie #synthpop #electropop #indie_pop #vocals #vocal #chill #singer_songwriter #pop #synthesizer #synthwave #synths


You've been trying to fly these days
head in the clouds (head in the clouds)
I've been looking for a friendly face
on the ground (on the ground)

Collided in the middle
One glass or maybe triple
My mind was parasital back then

Done playing second fiddle
Wrote down as my commital
I'll see you just a little in ten

It's nice to see you again
It's nice to see you again


Great build up in this song. Such a wonderful array of sounds effects, samples, singing and piano work.


Intriguing soundscape. Though personally I would lose the handclaps (or are they rim shots) they're so clichéd.

Great vocal with a bit of a Kate Bush vibe going on there.


Cool sounding song with excellent vocals. The radio voice samples really enhance the feel and I really liked that stuttery synth transition into the 'Collided in the middle' section.