I'm Keen on You

by @cindyrella

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

#love #pop

Heard the word keen and had this idea.


I'm Keen on You
© 2022 Cindy Prince

There was something
With the first look
I felt weak
And my knees shook

There was magic
I couldn't define
I simply knew
You should be mine

I'm keen
Keen on you
I've never seen
Anyone who
What I really mean
Is I like you
Yes, I'm keen
So keen on you

I felt a bit silly
Like a school lad
Everything about you
I wanted so bad

I couldn't say
What I was feeling
But you girl
Had my head reeling

I don't know what's ahead
I know this is just a start
I don't know the how's or the why's
But girl you have captured my heart

Repeat chorus


That's a word (keen)I haven't heard much since the 60s. You use it to great effect in the chorus. Fun song!


Ah you have captured so well that intoxicating feeling of a powerful and helpless feeling of an instant connection and crush like this. I love how much he does not know - especially in the bridge. I also like the kind of awkward way he professes his feelings in the chorus. Great write!