Jammin' with the Bullet Cluster Sonification

by @gardeningangel1

Liner Notes

Thanks to the Black Hole thread for pointing me to these sonic goodies:


Some good swirls and spacey waves in here, it has a gentle feeling overall to it that is peaceful.


I like your approach to the drums; seems to be similar to my own.
I'm enjoying the piano line against the percussion.
Really nice headphone track here.
As @candle said, Nouveau Space Rock; very chill.
Enjoyed muchly!


Nouveau Space Rock, I love it - especially that piano. The drums keep things cool while all the sonic goodies spin around in the sonic stratosphere as the piano takes us on a lovely journey thru space & time. A perfect relaxing track for the start of my lunch ½ hour.

See You In The Shadows…


Really cool. The piano noodline (where up front) brings to mind one of my fave bands "The Bad Plus" when they break down something. Some pensive feelings here and some experimental chill. Good stuff.