Every Third Thought

by @wolfkier

Liner Notes

Here's the 9th track ready for critical ears from my WK11x11 madness. I think it'll be the title track of volume 3 since it's quite dark and I"ve chosen a nice bunch of that kind to partner it. But I don't want to get ahead of myself and I'll let the break up of 11 volumes sort itself out maybe a year from now. The shuffle didn't happen until a few days before release of WK100 . First demo'd November, 2013 I'm pretty sure no one's ever heard any iteration. I had fun with the bvox and that bass line is one that's been haunting me for years for completion.

I hope you enjoy. I've been chuckling over it for nearly a week and it's had so many re-listens and tweaks that when I'm jotting notes while on my listen drives it developed it's own shorthand nickname .... "E3T"

So, I'm looking for critical ears to help all of these reach perfect and finally "leave me alone".

In particular, let me know about vocal levels, since that seems to be my biggest problem. Too loud, not loud enough? Where in the track if only in parts??? Let me know what you're listening to it on as well that can make a big difference, the goal is to get it "perfect" for any listening device.

Thanks in advance for any input to make this new mega collection "perfect". I had so much help with WK100 and it turned out so well, WK11x11 must must must beat that!

If you'd like to hear the 8 songs I've worked up for the project so far you (and keep tabs as the 121 song collection develops) you can find them here: https://wolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/wolf-kier-wk11x11-preview-mixes-out-11-11-23



"Every Third Thought" by Wolf Kier
copyright Wolf Kier 2013 2023

Every third thought, every third thought, every every

Lead so surely to this state of make or break
Blind and needing, dark, far reaching big mistake
Lost in daydreams how they feed on vital parts of me
No inspiration in infatuation no escaping this maze of
sleepless nights and broken days

Every third thought, every third thought, every every

Sorely missed your tender kiss this morning
I'm compelled with this possession without warning
Lost in daydreams, how they feed on vital parts of me
No safe word here, no other way, no other way but
sleepless night and broken days

Pinch my now, looky see I could be dreaming
Chasing ghosts that call on me, I could be dreaming
Driven by this make believe, I could be dreaming
Love can't ask so much of me I could be
(dreaming) dreaming
I could be dreaming
I could be.....

Every third thought, every third thought, baby baby

I feel you beating on the cellar door
I feel your breath upon my cheek
Can't you see that I want nothing more
these daydreams feed on vital parts of me

Every third thought, every third thought, every every


There you go again sounding like a New Yorker - lol! You certainly know how to twist your words into submission to be whatever you want them to be. All is good.