Unexpected Gift

by @davidkav

Liner Notes

Dedicated to the little one who will make our world shine. So loving. Both blessed, grateful, thankful.


(Music/lyrics by David Kav.
Copyright 2022. Postage Due Ltd. All rights reserved.)

Where once I thought it’d be a burden

Now has turned into bliss
It’s all about the perspective
Whether it’s a blessing or a miss

The unexpected gift
That changes everything
If life as I know it is over
That means the best is what it will bring

Please don’t think that I don’t love you
Even though I haven’t met you yet
In fact, your timing was all too brilliant
The wait was worth it - so was the repent


I only hope that I can prove here
That I am fit up to the task
For something thought that I was ready
To receive the bundle without my mask


I’ll give you everything
I’ll give you all of my time
I’ll give you all of my heart, my soul, my love

I’ll protect you - for you are more than mine


(Mama loves her baby
Daddy loves you, too
Even though you came out of nowhere
You are the best gift my love - so true)


Love the size of the guitar sound (just great tone and stereo spread and whatever it is you did, it feels great). Really love the line "your timing was all too brilliant" to somebody who doesn't exist yet - cool. Is this a beautiful metal tune? Not that labels matter, but just saying that's really neat.