Always There On The Other Side

by @davidkav

Liner Notes

If things are brighter and going so well - why the fuck do we look back and reach for yesterday???
(...natural to go to what's known... that is the main reason)


(Music/lyrics by David Kav.
Copyright 2022. Postage Due Ltd. All rights reserved.)

As a lightning-flash glimpse

I saw myself there in your greener grass
You called out to me
With open arms - as I rushed back

Then, right away, I woke up
Realizing in my Technicolor scheme
That your past is black and white
WIth all of the staleness in between


Always there on the other side
If I want to look away
From the life that’s unfolding before me now
I can rip this heart - smash all the clay

And Lord knows I’ll be damned

For the small one in me always yearns
For the comfort of heartache
Because he never learns

But I won’t stay too long
To dwell on what might have been
Only a fool would sing the song
Of the empty promises within


For what I see in me
Is not what you see in you
I know that I am learning
I fear you haven’t a clue

I can not take back what’s done
I believe you are still in denial
If the grass is truly greener
It’s lack of watering my side and seeing it as merely a pile

As a twisted flash and glimpse

I saw myself there in your grass
You turned away from me
No open arms - I still rushed back