Shakin and Rockin

by @kim_otcj

Liner Notes

I've been the neglecting the psychobilly part of my rockabilly/psychobilly album, so I'm bringing some of it back in here, complete with all the B movie horror film esthetic, in time for Halloween.

For some reason, I ended up with a lot of lyrics in this one. Maybe I should just sing these things slower. That way, I could avoid getting tongue tied as well.

#rock #rockabilly #psychobilly


We hear the zombies and the ghosts
And ghouls and goblins by the host
They're in the kitchen drinking all our beer
Gonna shake shake shake and rock and quake in fear

We're dancing with the restless dead
Who want the contents of our heads
There ain't no zombie gonna eat my brain
Gonna shake shake shake and hang their heads in shame

We shake shake shake and rock and roll
Spin round and round and dig a hole
And bury all the zombies there
So they won't eat out brains

Shake shake shake and rock and roll
Go round and round and dig a hole
Spooks and demons can't resist
The rhythm of the beat

The tap tap tap of skeletons
Whose bare bones crack and creak
They're tapiing to that rock n roll
When they dance to the beat
We shake shake shake and rock and quake in fear

The undead host on Halloween
The likes of which we've never seen
They shake their bones and dance along
When we play a rockin' song
So we shake shake shake and dance and sing along


this is great Halloween fun! love the whole vibe of it all, and great playing by 'the entire band' (!) nice work!!!


It's funny, I've been writing a Halloween lyric today, and commented yesterday on a rockabilly song that it's a genre I really like. Then your song comes up combing the two! Great song that's a lot of fun.


Awesome! So much fun. Great Halloween psychobilly!