It's OK

by @sheslin

Liner Notes

#acoustic_one_take #girl_with_guitar #fingerstyle #indie_folk


If I told you now
That someday you’d understand
Just why you are in this world
Would you realize
That you are perfect and special
In the way you are living your life
I know doubt, creeps in to your mind
You feel lost and alone, some of the time
The next step is just moments away
You are ready to go, it’s OK
There’s no rush, take your time
Find the things that excites your mind
And the work, will feel like play
Take a risk, go for chance
This is the time you can do that dance
Leave nothing behind you


Totally agree on the exceptional guitar playing! Really makes the song extra special.


very sweet melody and some fine guitar playing. ..well done.


Your voice probably gets all the attention but you really are a very accomplished guitarist. Those little trills don't come cheap and that outro pure magic! I spent quite a bit of time yesterday thinking about the boldness and confidence on the gutar on your I'm Going To See You Through.
Such a lovely reassuring song. It could be the final set piece music to any number of movies. Well done.


This reminds me some of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and it beautiful! The best advice and in such a brilliant way!


This is wonderful, melodic and accomplished, and a great lyric brought to life with a fine setting and performance. Quick recording thought- take that recording and do some eq-- cut all that's below 100 hz, and alot of that 'mud' will be gone and it'll be clearer and even better-sounding.