That Little Voice

by @marthie @cindyrella


That Little Voice
© 2022 Cindy Prince

We're programmed to think
We should always go forward
But sometimes stepping back is best

We're advised never smear the ink
There will be a reward
But remember you also need rest

Always listen to that little voice
It matters more than you know
Give yourself time to make a choice
And remember to keep in touch with your soul

Take a walk
Read a book
Throw rocks into
A bubbling brook
Take a nap
Sip a drink
Give yourself
Time to think

We're instructed we will surely fail
And to not keep falling behind
But it's important to go at your pace

We're instructed to go at full scale
To always stay in the line
But life is much more than a race

Repeat chorus


Love the delicate piano and the light vocals on these lyrics in the verse - a true "little voice". I love the melodic choices - the bridge is especially touching. Lots of space to let the lyrics sink in. Wonderful wisdom in these lyrics, and beautifully treated musically. The vocals are stunning. I really enjoyed the song. Great collab!


Very beautiful song, truly inspirational and full of wisdom. Beautiful advice. Fantastic lyrics, music, singing and playing. Very moving and special.


This is so pretty and inspirational! Just as I had hoped. When I was reading it again I thought of you. Love it!