by @marthie @cindyrella


© 2022 Cindy Prince

You blindfolded me
Twirled me around
Pointed me to a map

You laughed at me
When I totally missed
Said it was a snap

You spun me around
Trying again
This time I hit the mark

You laughed again
At my delight
I'd hit a National Park

Pre chorus
You'd planned a trip for the two of us
But it was a surprise to both of us

So let's pack up our backpacks
Pack up our tents
What a wonderful
Turn of events
Pack up our hiking boots
And our canteens
We are off on a romantic
Change of scene

I blindfolded you
Spun you around
Then pointed you to my heart

I had to laugh
Feel warm inside
You got it right from the start

Repeat pre chorus and chorus


I love the way you accented "you" and then the pause afterwards in the first verse. The pre-chorus is so lovely! What a switch up in the chorus! Love the faster lyric pacing and the musical shift also. Such sweet and fun lyrics brought to life with this wonderful music and performance. Great collab - you two are on a roll!!


Very sweet! I especially love the playfulness in the chorus! Thank you!