by @aneil @marthie

Liner Notes

We currently involved in planning a carnival for our church tomorrow Saturday and Sunday
Marthie: I shuffled the lyrics a bit to make it easier to become a sing along. The lyrics aren't exactly what is written but I call it progress....


Marthie says: A version of the new lyrics(I shuffled them a bit and then sang the chorus last to remember the tune better for my small brain...)
Carnival @aneil @marthie

Ch: come to the Carnival!
come it’s today!
we’re Planning so much fun
The fun’s this way
the world bursts in colour
with Balloon’s all around
Oh What Joy we have found
you can Send in all the clowns

V1Happy days, Happy days,
happy-happy-happy days
Tickets are free
for the family
Oh the things that you will see

V2. Like the games, like the games
like the silly games we play
Find your way
Through the maze
Through the mirrors mystery

V3. Crazy days, crazy days
crazy-crazy-crazy days
Candy, pop
And candy floss
Parents act Like Kids again

V4. Ride the wheel , Ride the wheel
Ride the wheel one more time
Eat Popcorn,
Sing more songs
Yes! We’re all feeling fine

Outtro: Come daddy, come mommy
Let’s play that game again
This Life is fine
Forget the grind
It’s Carnival Amen!

Neil said before:
Planning fun
Is fun work to have
Making the world
Burst in colour
Send in the clowns
Ballon’s all around
What Joy we found

Happy days
Tickets are free
Bring the whole family
Life’s a mystery
Like the games we play
Find your way
Through the mirror maze

Crazy days
Parents become
Like Kids again
Come daddy
Let’s play that game
Candy and pop
And candy floss

Ride the wheel
One more time
We feeling fine
Sing another
Nursery rhyme
Can Life be so fine
A beautiful escape
From the old grind


Very upbeat ... I like the jaunty piano and the way you sing with such enthusiasm!


love it such cheerful arrangement


I am working on this one. I may get to it this afternoon. no promises. my koppie raas bietjie!


These sweet lyrics remind me of the specificity that @wobbiewobbit’s lyrics have. Sticking me into a particular place and time and feeling. Looking forward to the music.


Really sweet, carefree and innocent imagery. I can picture the scene in my mind.


What I really like about these lyrics are the feeling of being carefree for a moment. I especially like the verse about parents being like kids again. We put so much emphasis on work, and then we're slammed for all sorts of stressful things, it's good to take time to just enjoy life for a minute. And what fun to think about a cool carnival!


Lovely happy lyrics. Hope to hear them.


Such a happy song! Who couldn't love it? Good one!