You can be happy

by @mikeskliar

Liner Notes

I think the motivation for this (other then the fact that I'm currently at about 47 songs and want to get to 50) is the tv program I watched the last few nights, about a particularly horrible episode in the 20th century, etc. That, and my late mother in law's saying that 'if you have a few cents in your pocket, and have 'to eat and 'to sleep, you're rich and should be happy' (or something to that effect).

Picked up the lap-style #dobro #resonator (played with a metal slide) and the #harmonica for this (all played at once, just recorded simply with the iphone, using that music memos app that adds drums)


You got everything you need now
You got four walls and a floor
Three square meals a nice warm bed
All you want delivered to your door

Put your hand in your pocket
There’s some change and some big bills
The freezer and the fridge are stocked now
You’re stuffed to the gills

But you’re not happy
No you’re not happy
Look around, the world will show you sadness
But you can be happy

It’s a paradox as old as the hills
A cognative dissonance, a mystery
We’ve got so much on our side
But we still don’t want to see

(c) M. Skliar 2022


Reminds me of the First World Problems song I wrote a frpew years ago,for FAWM but I like yours better. Countries like yours and mine consume so much more per capita of the world’s resources, and are responsible for most of the climate crisis. But advertising keeps pushing us to consume even more or be sad that we can’t afford that high end car or whatever.


The guitar sounds great. Love how the mixing of a bunch of major chords creates different feels and moods. And the harp solo is cool.. it has that bluesy edge to it that kinda butts up against the "happy" of the lyrics. Something cool about major chords and happy words and yet... not so sure we're happy. I like it.


excellent song wth an important reminder well-stated. americans complain that 1% of the population control the money, while the poorest american has more than 99% of the total global population.


You played the harp really good! The lyrics about some first world problems are very good! I enjoyed listening to this!


nice. great live tune. dobro sounds awesome! that music app is the boss!