Waterfall of Days

by @ttg105

Liner Notes



In the molasses malaise of a mundane Monday
a mischievous Friday pops up its head and says, “Give up …”

And we wonder why the waterfall sighs
as another barrel plummets
right down to the rocks below
splintering and shattering as it goes

In Wales, gray whales wriggle in Wednesday waves
in the Yorkshire dales, bales of hay greet windy Tuesdays
in St Ives, bees leave the hive and sting Thursday’s knees
in Brisbane Bay, snails make their way through rainy Sundays

Bold daughters skate
on cold water lake
underneath the ice
fish swear once, then twice
at the lack of sunlight
and swim right
toward the surface


Sometimes I think you write these songs for me. That line about Friday had me smiling, then the whole thing is beautiful, mesmerizing, and poetic


i wonder if that is true about fish. maybe they are swimming toward the surface so they can look up the skaters' dresses. some wonderful alliteration in those long lines but som way object to wriggle being. wiggle would quell that dissent.the first line is one of your closest passes at naturalist realism.


Really excellent lyrics here.
I think the waterfall bit is my favourite.
Stellar guitar work, as usual.


wow, this is seriously psychedelic, and great fun! love the wordplay,and glad there is a lyric posted as otherwise I would not have been able to understand the lyric, i think. neat echoes in the guitar and the whole thing is hypnotic and engrossing.


That opening guitar reminds me of “Mrs. Robinson.” Then the vocals turn it all psychedelic! Your vocals remind me of someone back in the day - who is that? Lol!


I don´t understand half of the words ... but I can say I really like this atmosphere here .. a bit weird and crazy ... the way you sing in harmony with your self is very special and I enjoyed it as much as the guitar playing, which comes like ocean waves.
Well done!