Beauty in Letting Go

by @cindyrella

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

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It's the first day of Autumn, so I wrote this down.


Beauty in Letting Go
© 2022 Cindy Prince

I'd been down
Down to the bottom
I looked at the date
Realized it was Autumn
I put on my scarf
Walked outside
I let go of the pain
Let my heart open wide

A few leaves had turned
The sky was so blue
I took a deep breath
And let go of you
I walked down the path
Inhaled the crisp air
I was going to be fine
Without you there

There was yellow
There was brown
Some edged in red
The leaves
On the ground
Had a message
And it said
There's beauty in letting go
Let loose and let the wind blow

I walked for miles
Geese flew overhead
The coming winter
Wasn't anything to dread
I'll welcome the seasons
Each one has grace
I felt so alive
With the wind on my face

Repeat chorus


Oh, these are some lyrics which fit so much with my feelings these days! If my English would be better I would ask to to create a spoken word track with them.... maybe I try it if its ok for you?
So beautiful!


This is so good and so poignant. Very good writing.


Oh Cindy this is beautiful. I love combining the images of fall with the images of letting go of someone. I like that we don't know if this is a relationship that ended or the death of someone close - both things which require a letting go. All of your vivid fall imagery make us feel like we are right there with you, trying to let go like the leaves do when their time has come. I also like the welcoming of the next "season" of this person's life. Great write!!