Over The Trees

by @brisk

Liner Notes

Not sure where this came from. I was just messing around with arpeggios yesterday evening, found this nice sound (a Spitfire LABS one, as usual) and was away. The chorus, when I was walking to badminton last night, was

There's nothing I'd rather do
There's no-one that I would rather screw
Let's carry on like we were before
Like you still love me

But then I decided that was terrible and went for a more floaty, deathy kind of vibe. Does it need a bridge? Any other structural or other things that occur that might improve this?

edit: I think actually the intro couple of bars is the worst bit - would you agree? I wonder what to do instead.

edit: right, I replaced the simple arpeggiated chord intro for the more elaborate harmony one. I think I prefer it, but possibly it is too much. I also turned the reverb down on the main instrument, as that was getting a bit swampy I think.

edit on the 23rd: I've changed things further - I've added a bit of instrumental arpeggio before the singing starts at the beginning, as I think it needed a bit more space to breathe, and also, due to a happy accident, I've started the harmonies a bit earlier before the second chorus, with a bit of tweaking. Also updated the first chorus to have words that matched those below.

another edit same day: Okay, I think I'm done. I've added a fourth part to the opening harmony... and I did something else, can't remember what! No, I remember - it was changing it to "breathe" from "draw" as that bothered me.


Maybe my time has come
Maybe my race is run
Maybe my spell on earth is done

I say my last goodbyes
Then I just close my eyes
Won't have to wait so very long

I'm over the trees and houses now
I'm higher than everyone somehow
The moonlight is everywhere and then
I'm on my own

[flying music]

You breathe a final sigh
Then you're up in the sky
Maybe it's not so bad at all

I'm over the trees and houses now
I'm higher than everything somehow
The moonlight is everything to me
I'm on my own

The clouds are a carpet down below
The stars are all dancing round like snow
There's nobody here but that's okay
I'm on my own

I hope they miss me.


Very cool! Very positive vantage point on death. Excellent vocals and arpeggios.


This is great! I hope it will be this way when I passed the line ...
Very lightful music and words here to this topic ... sounds funny.
I like it! Well done!


Yes, floaty with that whispery vocal... Onward.


the song is perfect as is. regarding the intro, it isnt much. i thoink this is a problem with all of us. bland intros. the most popular songs have well defined immediately recognizable intros. the kind that bring an audiecne to its feet. this isnt one of those, and i cabt recall a single fawm song that had onbe. i know i have never written one. so itts ok. just a few bars to set a mood before the vocal kicks in. nothing wrong with that, but if you can write a classic intro, by all means do so, they are rare and invaluable.


Lovely lyrical composition. The last verse is brilliantly original and descriptive and a perfect lead up to the last line. Quite liked the flying music too. It’s a bit melancholy but it’s unclear to me if it’s just about someone feeling lonely or someone on their deathbed. I like to think it’s the former.


Some lovely floaty, flutey arpeggios there. Very much enjoying the cheery melody vs the darkness of the words (or are they dark?). That final 'I hope they miss me' is brilliant and very neat. I think having that means you don't necessarily need a bridge, as the bridge would likely be a similar shift in tone/perspective.