Mellowvator Music

by @gardeningangel1

Liner Notes

Just some spacey pianoodling 🌘🌌🪐🎹🎶


Lovely with the piano and synth together, like chocolate and peanut butter.
If this was actual elevator music I might just ride that sucker up and down all day.
Ah, so relaxing.
That synth is making me smile; it sounds a bit like one of those "cat pianos", know what I mean?
Excellent work.


very chill. digging the piano. nice.


Bravo! So easy to listen to without being "Easy listening." 😀 I like the subtle melody and the soothing tones.


Just what I needed to hear this morning. Been exhausted these last few days (first week of teaching swimming lessons all day again :lol: I guess my body isn't quite used to that yet). This is wonderfully chill, with a beautiful melody & a lovely backing track. The mix of the piano & synth is really effective, I really like the way those two tones work off of each other. All the while, the bass & drums just keep things steady & mellow. Great work!

See You In The Shadows…


It is super chill, like even the elevator music took a prozac pill.
Nice arrangement too. Great to see you being so productive at 5090, something you couldn't imagine doing back during FAWM. I hate to say I ...
Hugs, my friend.