Square One

by @edwardsmusic

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

#lyrics_only #stream_of_consciousness
This was written in a stream-of-consciousness style, inspired by the Google definition of "back to square one".


Back to where one started,
With no progress having been made.

Go out the same way you came in
Tree falling in the forest
Does it make any sound?
Crickets chirping in the night

We’re going all the way back to square one
Playing the long game
The individuals we meet along the way
The progress we attempt to make
Peter out at the end
Is this making any sense?

Start all over again
Back to the drawing board
We’re going back to square one
Where do we go from here?


This is fun. I like the pile up of common expressions. At first I misread the last line as "Where do we go from there?" and liked the way Square and Where and There rhymed.. I like those crickets chirping around the fallen tree.