A Little Man Is Stabbing Me in the Brain

by @improvyssey

Liner Notes

The little man's name is Mr. Migraine, and he has been around a lot this week. I think Mr. Migraine may be reacting to our recent strange weather, and I hope he will go away tomorrow, when temperatures are set to drop about fifteen degrees. The stabby little man is embodied in the stabby little notes of the mbira, whereas the rattling bottlecaps represent the brain fuzz he causes. Or so I claim. I'm not sure I'm currently thinking clearly enough to be quite that musically metaphorical.

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Sorry to hear about this stabby little man. The way you play the mbira reminds me of rain. And I love the little representations in your sound choices. It sounds like Mr. Stabby Man is on a schedule with that rhythm, so it sounds promising that he will move on soon. I hope you feel better soon and I really enjoyed this piece and title.