by @nahlej381 @cts @djtjb @gm7 @megamind @splittybooms

Liner Notes

mmmmmm....pork butts....splitty started this bad mofo then the MEGA MIND crew all got their hands dirty...my bass is covered in bacon grease. we've been tossing this one back and forth for a while now. i love it!!! thanks for playin', fam!

in order of parts added:
Bass/keys/production: Splitty Booms
Drum Programming/Production: DJTJB
Guitars/Bass/Production: Nahlej
Guitars: Gm7
keys/samples: CTS


What a tasty smorgasbord of sounds. It's energetic and catchy. Wakes me up and puts me in a happy mood. Spectacular collab!


This is so cool. That bass line just grooves. The arrangement is great. The funky feeling just won't stop. No wonder I love this so much with all the talent listed in the liner notes.


Hell yes. Great combo of synth/analog (or I'm assuming analog) playing. Everything is so tasty, the lead synth lines, the synth horns, the organ stabs, the guitar leads, the bass, the beat. Just so dang tasty, perfectly named. I am always drawn more to songs with vocals - but I'll take this any day! Hell, every day!


What a great big groovy funky messabaconfat. Can't sit still.
Great stuff! mmmmmm......


Wow...great production @nahlej381 and @djtjb . We have enough fatback to feed the MegaMind family and more....lol. Way to go team!


Good I'm not on diet. Slice some bacon strips for me please - well done and roasted. That's funky as hell. I think this works in a spy thriller bbq party action scene.


😍 😍 😍 😍
Just think, this was originally something I threw in the garbage folder. You all took it and nurtured it into something lovely that can help lift peoples' spirits if they aren't having the greatest day.
@megamind, thank ya'll so much - for being willing to put in work on whatever is thrown your way and for letting me hang with the big dogs.
This made my day.


Sweet mercy. Fellas, we got a smoker right here (see what I did). I am utterly stunned at the end result of our input. All of the elements work so well. And this is why we're Mega Mind. 'nuff said.


charge of the tight brigade. and they are tight. this is the kind of attack that could destroy the floor. i can hardly breathe after chasing those greased pigs down a four minute mile.,