Pulses (2)

by @kyrla

Liner Notes

Still a lot of polishing and mixing to do on the project as a whole (there's definitely a lot of volume creep, the piece ends 5db louder than it started!), but the main demo is finally finished!

Music for 18 Musicians is my favourite music piece of all time and 5090's been great for the opportunity to do my own electronic performance of it. I really enjoyed this project.

Cover of Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians" (1976) - Track 14 of 14

Vic Firth's performance of this section (58:55 - end) - https://youtu.be/ZXJWO2FQ16c?t=3535

Online score (pages 230-238) (requires free account) - https://www.boosey.com/cr/perusals/score?id=1009

#classical #ambient #minimalism #instrumental #cover

Project tag #mf18m for everything in order