Vocalist Roundtable at FAWMStock, Sat. 2022-12-03 at 10:30 am EST


Hey all, @katestantonsings and I will be hosting the Vocalists Roundtable for FAWMStock. What's that? Well, here's what we're planning:

Kate and I are primarily vocalists who have been approaching songwriting from a vocalists perspective, so we want to talk about:

* How we tend to write melody and instrumental lines starting with our vocals
* Writing particular aspects of the songs what highlights what we can vocally do, and fits in our particular ranges
* Tricks and tips that we've learned and recommended to singers and non-singer about how to get more out of their voices
* How to trust your voice more

We invite everyone to come and share their perspectives, and also come and ask questions. Kate and I will start of with our vocal stories and also perform one song each that highlights some of our perspective, and then it will be off to the will of the attendees.

Hope to see many of you there!