Being a 'limited musician' ( doing one or two things well, not amazingly, but it works )


Hi. So I was reading about actors how some settle into a role that becomes their 'template character' for each film ( don't know the terminology, sorry if this offends any ). I guess, playing their self could be another way to put it ? Idk

I think as an analogy is like going to the same bar, having the same burger and fries, and being satisfied, because hey.... You could get burger and fries at any restarant or bar. But this particular burger and fries is what you want, you like this place's burger and fries, and it doesn't often disappoint. So you're content with it, and it does the job with your craving and your taste. It's just fine, so you're happy.

How about musicians who do their thing, but do it well enough ?

I feel like this is something I want to settle into more. So if people knew what I do music wise, and I don't deviate from that music wise, it then can be considered that's what I make, and if it's good enough, it's to be understood that what you see is what you get. I'd like to settle into doing one or two things well, perhaps only reaching excellence in my thing rather than being multi disciplinary within music

A list below. I'm not able to provide fully formed reasoning for my choices, but for me, it seems they do their thing and do it well enough to be successful at it. Again, I don't fully know any decent exmaples for this, so perhaps my choices aren't fully accurate.

Ol' Dirty B*****d of Wu-Tang Clan
Lil Wayne

As far as actors, people like:
Keanu Reeves
The Rock

I wish to learn how I can adapt this mindset. I'm not against experimentation or learning outside of my own niche,

Can anyone tell me any examples of such musicians, actors or even other disciplines, as I'm open to learning their takes, too ? And also, if you have any advice or stories on finding my own 'burger and fries' sound that I'm happy with ? thats 'Good enough, it does the job'


i think that you can't help but be you, even if you do things that (to you) are different. If i set out to do a Billie Eilish style song, it sounds like me, or a soft swing number, again my mucky prints are all over it. so do whatever you feel like doing at that particular time i would say. I suppose in your analogy it would be less a burger restaurant, more a subway, whatever the flavour sub they all taste like subway


thats a good point, @wobbiewobbit and i like that - my musical choices are the ingredients at subway :)


I have a feeling I don't do anything well enough, but it's also a matter of opinion. And to some extent, there's a degree they've been forced to do that and then excelled at it: background meeting prejudices or limited roles to those of multi/dual-heritage backgrounds. Johnson, Reeves and Vin Diesel, maybe less so Reeves who has chinese heritage that doesn't show much, but it's there. Representation, roles open are low. Vin Diesel got special credit for basically carving out his own niche, Especially lower on the ladder. But they are special people, some of the highest paid in Hollywood. But that's a bit chicken and egg and tokenistic. Anyways, probably making a mess of this, it's not exactly my lane but I had a conversation about it on twitter with a writer friend and a similar lady with a mixed background.


@br0th3rh00d that is a good point also, as if the actual opportunities are limited for their talent, so their nieche became that limitation - the select roles they could do within the parametres of the proffession, perhaps due to expectations of what ones background is and where they can slot in. is this along the lines of what you mean ? sorry ive not explained it well ive not been up long lol

this has helped me think about it in an angle i didnt think of - thanks for that :)