No sleep and productivity


Alright so during the lockdowns I got the most amount of music done I ever did in my life. The problem is I was not sleeping much at all and it turned into a weird thing.

I went from insomnia and being frustrated at my lack of sleep to spending time on my hobbies which ended up putting off going to sleep.

It seems there’s an effect on the body when one is tired. That it makes stupid decisions. Similar to being drunk.

This is in part to raise awareness of keeping a healthy sleep schedule, and also if you did this like me, learn why you produce more at night. Some say they were avoiding the day because of some kind of anxiety or unease, others say it was the only time they got for themselves for being so busy in the day.

I now realise after many years of sleep deprivation I am also responsible for this as well as knowing there were factors that lead me to do these things. You live and learn.

I have problems I need to address in my life that I’m a little bit more aware of now

Anyone else relate to night time productivity ?


Yes, this is me. I've heard the term "revenge procrastination" to describe doing hobbies long into the night to reclaim time for yourself. I found myself doing it this numerous times over 50/90, until I felt so awful I *had* to go to bed. Definitely when I am tired and right in an obsession it is very hard to find the willpower to detach myself. I think it's almost the gambler's issue of waiting for the next "breakthrough" - often I will play a set of chorus chords on a loop for many minutes, singing variations on a chorus idea, and maybe if I did it a bit longer I would get the Moby Dick of melodies. it is silly. I find also that this goes in waves. I have for the last night or two gone to bed at a reasonable time, and am hoping that this heralds a more sane approach to bedtime! Good luck!


i can relate to that, @brisk . ive learned not to take music so seriously these days. i find that it can be comparable to noel and liam gallagher.

during oasis they had different creative approaches. liam turned up, did his job, then went off messing about enjoying his rock and roll lifestyle. noel on the other hand was taking it a bit mroe seriously, having to do the hard work. this caused some conflict i believe, in terms of noel handling all the legwork while liam was the singer, and just turned up to sing, then would enjoy his free time. pretty interesting.

i find im in the middle right now. i used to be a noel. working through the night, trying to get it right, and done. but only for the sake of doing.
im going mroe towards liam, who turns up, does his thing, then can switch off and do his other pursuits. im finding im less serious about it, but im taking enough of a break to come back with such loose mindset.

perhaps the hard working mindset is keeping me from being a healthy musician ? at the end of the day, i do this for me. barely a soul knows about the music ive made, except for friends and family. what would a stranger care hearing it, whether i spent all night putting it together, or did it in an hour and ran out to play football ? :P

oh and sleep is amazing. ive always loved it, but i fell out of love with it for a while. now we are happily getting on again lol