What didn't you accomplish this 50/90?


By that I mean things you meant to do but didn't get around to. Not necessarily number of songs created or number of comments given.
This morning, as I practiced Spanish on my phone app, I realized I didn't write any songs with Spanish lyrics this time. For the last 5 years or so, I've written between 5-10 a year.
And I got to all my instruments, but I would like to have done one or two more harmonium songs.
Also, there's one song title, "American Collision," that didn't get a song. I started it a couple of times, but nothing worked. (I got the idea because that's the name of an auto repair place nearby.)


I started some collaborations, but didn't manage to finish them in time. I also accepted some challenges that I couldn't fulfill. I'm blaming that on being a fawmling; it's hard to manage time if you've never done this before. Otherwise, I'm super happy with my result: Had fun. Met nice people. Collaborated a lot. Found cool music. Made cool music. Locked up the inner critic and just created. Check.


I kept my expectations low, and was thrilled when I surpassed that bar.


Don't laugh - I couldn't accomplish doing less. Now I'm stressed out with too many projects... but happy to have written some superb songs.




An end to #ikeabondage


i didn't play any bass (i am originally a double bass player - didn't play bass guitar either). Didn't do any 4-track tapes ( i have one that i received ready for FAWM). Didn't keep up reciprocal comments in patches even though that is my bottom line "rule" -sorry. I only got 18 songs (2 lyrics only) but i enjoyed this 5090 a lot


@nadine - I understand! The last few years I've told myself that maybe I'll just write a few new songs and mainly listen and comment. But then I wind up doing 50 anyway.
In fact, one pre-5090 idea I had this year was to write short instrumental intros for some of my older songs. Didn't do any of those.
@wobbiewobbit - This year was the closest I've come to buying a bass guitar, meaning I actually shopped and I think even once put one in my Amazon basket. Still bassless, though.
I do think/hope I did most of my reciprocal commenting.
@florianhoffmann - Good for you for collab-ing so much! I did my usual few - putting music to someone else's words. Just yesterday, I was already thinking FAWM, and that I'd like to do at least 14 collabs.


I feel bad that I had to turn down a collab with our friend @wobbiewobbit. Sorry Wobbs, we'll do it in February!!

I also did not comment as much as I would've liked.

@chipwithrow, I bought a bass guitar a few months ago despite not knowing how to play it, and it has opened a whole new area of creativity for me. I suggest you pick one of those suckers up!


I managed to get through an entire challenge (my 12th) without actually annoying anyone!
Not that I set out to annoy the living daylights out of any fainthearted souls in the first place, ever! :)
Might have had something to do with the fact that my profile page was could barely be accessed by anyone for 2 of the 3 months. Someone had my back. LOL.
Still it was the most productive and successful Summer I've had in 12 years in this amazing community. I met and surpassed every challenge I set myself. Thanks to all for the patience, goodwill, and generous support that helped that happen! I'm exhausted but I can honestly say I put it all on the table. <3


I was happy to create what I did. Was difficult at times due to some health issues. I suppose I did want to make more lyrical songs than I did - I think most are instrumentals and spoken word. But I am proud of the lyrical songs I did make, and I wrote more things with words than I ever have - I think 31. Towards the end I was trying to get to 90. Maybe that'll be my goal next year. A lot of it still feels unfinished to me and I need to go back and re-record - at least a few of them.

But I say that to myself after every fawm. This was my first 50-90.


I wanted to be a bit more focused production-wise. Unfortunately my work situation took full command towards the end. I missed some key opportunities to collaborate, but I couldn't expound upon the ideas that I presented @fuzzy and @odilongreen @metalfoot - sorry 'bout that. But more than anything, I honestly just wanted to have more of a presence in the community. It was a good run this summer and I'm always happy to discover, learn and create with so many in FAWMland!


-Didn't make it to 50 tracks, but anything beyond 25 is an achievement considering that I had limited mobility for most of July and August.

-A few collabs didn't work out, but with the goal of 50 songs it's understandable.

-I really wanted to incorporate video editing into at least a few uploads, but operating a camera and setting up lighting was really difficult through recovery.

-I really didn't interact with the community as much as I did last FAWM

All that being said, 50/90 was still a great chance to explore new genres and skills. I'm leaving the challenge with a better grasp on synthesis and sound design. I have some awesome new instruments (hardware and software) that I learned how to use for these uploads. It was a good time! Can't wait for February.


I had a really low output summer from my standards but I'm thankful for what I did get. I feel bad that I hardly did any collabs this year.


For the most part I am very happy my 50/90 this year. It is only my second year, and I am so thrilled with the all the people I was able to collaborate with. I wish I made it to 50 but am not disappointed in my number.

I wish I was able to do more skirmishes which would have brought my numbers way up.

I wish I had taken more time to read and listen to posts by people I didn't know. I still have a little time and will try to rectify this before the end of October.

I wish that I could keep the energy going after 50/90. I haven't written one new thing or even worked on revisions for an existing lyric since 50/90 ended 😢


i didnt write as many lyrics as i wanted.
but i got a fair bit of music done that im happy with
i didnt do one high quality album instead of many smaller lesser quality ones


I would like to have done more collaborations. At FAWM I usually end up having done around 25% of my input as collaborations.


I didn't write any lyrics. My muse escaped me all summer long and I only ended up with one wordless song that came to me in the last week of the challenge. Instrumentals are fairly rare for me, but I liked this one enough to pursue it.


@andrea - No new music for me, either. I totally shift out of songwriting mode right after FAWM and 50/90.
The other day as I was driving, a melody and a few lines popped into my head - a soul/rock tune, and I even heard a horn section. I thought about writing it down when I got home (but I didn't) so I could save it for FAWM. But there will be plenty of ideas come February.
@berni1954 - I thought I might be able to knock out a few collabs in the last week of 50/90. But then Hurricane Ian came along.
I have a tentative FAWM plan to do mainly collabs. What I'd like to do is to write lyrics and music (almost always what I do) and then only post the lyrics to see how someone else might interpret them. I suppose I could do vice versa as well.
Anyone have any idea how much longer site is up? I check every day but haven't written in forums or listened/commented for at least a week.