Thanks for your swift action tech crew!


I must admit I panicked a bit when I saw that my latest song was refused entry.
"Argh, no!" I thought "I am at 47 songs!"

I am hoping to break the winner's tape via the next three skirmishes. I have so far submitted a song to every single skirmish in this final weekend and want to keep that up.

I never thought I'd get to 50 as I was only on 30 (or so) to date. But I have had an adrenalin rush since before my gig yesterday and want to make today the single most productive day in my 52 years of song writing.

PS I have a few zongs to bust on my Profile Page... Hint, Hint!


Thank you @elesimo for your prompt attention to the cri de coeur of our little songwriting band!


Thanks, @elesimo! We shall skirmish in your honor!