You all are incredible


I'm brand new here and I wanted to check in to say that this first week of writing and recording songs for here has felt like a full time job! (that is super enjoyable) Just wanted to take breath to say I'm amazed at all of you and thanks for the inspiration to try to keep up.

And anybody who has some tips as to how to find the time to keep rolling - please feel free to share them! Between this and my job I am super lucky to have a girlfriend who has been supportive of me trying this out. Wish I had time to listen to and comment on more songs too!

Thank you all for this thing!!


Just keep doing what you are doing! Cranking out some class songs! My only tip is get involved as you seem to be doing! Enjoy!


Welcome aboard, @handsomeron ! Glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself...


Take your time and beware that you don‘t run into a burn out …
But I can absolutly relate to your enthusiasmus!


your making some nice music..keep it coming. This is the 5090 family..welcome aboard!


There's something we do here and in February called a "song skirmish" it's 1 hour to write and record a song to a prompt. Mastering song skirmish skills mean you can comfortably write and record a song in an hour. (The goal is, after all, demo quality. I like to think of it as good enough to sell your band on the idea of it.)

You see a few people with just stupidly high song counts. I mean, the number of people with 50+ songs in 50/90 is impressive, but when you see people with 50+ songs in February and you know they're happily married with kids...

There's only one way to make those sorts of numbers happen: stick to one hour, one song. (It is possible to get faster than this, but unless you're just writing lyrics it is a fairly advanced skill.)

The thing is, once you get good at one hour, one song, if you find yourself with 30 minutes to spare, it becomes easy to think of doing half a song. Next thing you know, you'll find yourself waiting on your girlfriend to put on her makeup or something, and find yourself wondering, "If I'm just writing lyrics, can I finish a song before she's down here?"

So, step 1 of finding time to keep writing songs: reduce the amount of time you need to write songs. After all, it's much easier to get one hour alone than three. (Plus, if it only takes an hour every day but leaves you in a fantastic mood, both you and your girlfriend may benefit from it.)


Back in the day when I wrote like the furies for these challenges, I discovered I wrote my best songs walking my dog. Back then she was a beautiful Wolfhound called Gracie. Once around the block and by the time we got home there was a chorus and a melody riff yelling at me to scratch record. Between the tempo of 4 paws trotting and the jangle of her tags there was a beat/rhythm/groove ready made. I used to joke I should have named her "Motown".... LOL....
Current dog, (Special Agent) Cooper, a Golden Retriever, is much better at inspiring mix ideas. He gets distracted. LOL. Is the old saying that dogs look like their owners or ownners look like their dogs? hehehe,..,,
If you do 1 or 100, you did. And did-ing is what matters. Good luck.