ONE SONG morph



I've been thinking about a new sort of morph/corpse. I hope there still is enough time...

The idea is:
The first person in line starts with a drum beat in 115 BPM in 4/4, on top of that he/she plays chords (only chords) in the key of D. To keep things simple: the song contains music for ONE VERSE, ONE CHORUS, and then again ONE VERSE and ONE final CHORUS. So two verses, two choruses.

Before sending his/her contribution to person no.2 he/she leaves out the drums. So person no. 1 sends chords (music) only to person no. 2.
The second person, receiving music only, adds his/her drums (so, OTHER drums) to it Person no. 2 is also free to change the time signature of the beat to 6/4, 5/4 or 7/4 (or whatever, anything) in a way the chord progression still works. The BPM remains 115 BPM. The result (chords and new drums) is passed on to person no.3
Person no 3 now adds LYRICS to what's done already (it may be helpful that in his/her head he/she has a vocal melody, but the next one in line won't know about that particular vocal melody for the lyrics. Person no. 3 then passes his/her LYRICS on to person no.1.
Oh, by the way:
Person no. 3 tells person no. 1 what lyrics there are for verse 1, chorus 1, verse 2 and chorus 2.
Person no. 1, who also would like to sing, will sing the lyrics he/she gets from person no. 3 in a vocal melody to his/her liking.

Person no. 1 will pass on this result to person no. 4.
Person no. 4 will add a solo guitar and/or play piano or another fitting instrument to add melodies to the whole piece (in the key of D). At spots he/she feels are appropriate.

Who's willing to be person no. 1? (DOUBLE JOB: see above)
Who wants to be person no. 2 in this morph?
Who likes to be person no 3
Who wants to be person no 4?


@ferry0123 I'm in. I'll read the rules laer. LOL!
Put me a little lower down the list please.
Hugs, my friend. Good luck with this.


Haha, okay @wolfkier ! Thanks for joining already, my friend!

Rules may change, if for the better! And if not clear LOL :)

What applies to you?

I want to sing-minded?
I want to play-minded?

Any more takers?


Sure. Lyrics-minded, but open-minded...