Treat September like FAWM (SAWM)


That's my goal. Actually it's at least 16 solo demo songs in 31 days (including Oct. 1). That would put me at 50 solo demos in addition to a few collabs.
And I'm not sure how many comments I've given so far, but I think 200 more is a reasonable goal.
August and July were wacky and hectic - I think most of that's behind me.
What are your September goals?


Just a couple of songs, really. 2 collabs, and at least 1 more of my own. I'll then have maybe 2 lyrics that I'll post without music if I don't get to them.

Small goals.


My goal for September is completing all the collabs I've started. 😁 Plus whatever manages to sidetrack me into writing a new song. 🤪


this is a neat idea. a great way to reframe it in my head. cheers!
focusing less on music this month and more on writing ( lyrics, nano prep etc ).
not got any other ideas than this : to get one song down that's recorded mainly by microphone via pc.


@chipwithrow great idea...a Sept kick start. I think mid or early Sept we should bring back #tittat or #tt as I used last FAWM.
I think he was mentioned in a comment a few weeks back...anyway.


My goal is to mix all the stems I receive from collabs and upload / update songs. No songwriting anymore. Some #tit4tat in between, but maybe it's better to start this in October when everybody is finished.


Just trying to upload one track for every day of the month and have fun doing it! That sounds like a lot, but I work at my studio desk and only have one show, one recording session, and a few practices with my band.


No, I'm not turning on the heater! hahah!
But actually this is a great idea!


I'm taking this month as it comes after a one week 5090 hiatus and OOT vacation. Finishing up a few commitments will get me to 50 in the song count. However, I hope to do more than that depending on how much time and creative energy I have for songwriting in these last few weeks.


I'd like to keep up the momentum that I've had so far, and get a few more collaborations with musicians. I had 11 collabs last year and am on 8 so far this year, so would be nice to beat last year's total.

I also have a bit of a quirky goal. I'd like (over the course of the year) to have written at least 1 lyric that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I managed that last year during 50 90 and am quite close this year. Have X ticked off already which is usually one of the tougher ones!


Why not bump my own thread as a way to put off doing some work?
Since I started this thread, I've done 10 solo demos (goal is 16) with one more song ready to record. As for commenting, doing just a few a day, but at least keeping up with reciprocating when someone listens to a song of mine. (I don't think I've missed anyone - if so, I'll get to you!)
Five solo demos in 17 days - I can do that! (The silly uke song I wrote today took less than 10 minutes, and I played it for my wife.) And that may also leave time for a few collabs with lyricists.
How are you doing?
(And @lyricslinger - I love the alphabet idea. You made me check - I have done titles with 18 different letters.